Understand ticket summary page

A ticket summary view shows you just the vital details of the ticket which makes tickets easy to manage.

Once you login to your account, and click on Tickets tab, you will be shown the list of tickets in their summary view.

The ticket id, along with the subject and a brief line from the ticket’s message is displayed here. You also have the last update time displayed.
 The status of the ticket is shown here with its color code.

You have buttons for sending a quick reply, adding a private note and also subscribe to the ticket.
 When the subscribe button is a yellow star, it denotes that you have already subscribed to the ticket.

You are also shown who the ticket is assigned to, which can be changed by simply clicking on it and choosing the staff you want to assign the ticket. You can also see the contact who has raised this ticket, and on clicking it you have a link to the contact’s details along with the total number of tickets and pending tickets raised by the contact.

The priority that this ticket has been assigned is displayed here, and right next to it shows the category which the ticket belongs to. Both priority and category can be changed by simply clicking on them.

The due date of ticket is also shown here, and when this has not been set for the ticket, it shows “not set”.

The dot here signifies the last response, which turns red if the customer is the last to respond and turns grey if a staff was the last to respond.

If a ticket holds an attachment, a symbol of a paper clip is displayed on the top right corner of the ticket.

The ticket list can be sorted according to the last update, priority, due date or ticket id. You can also see the tickets belonging to a specific category from this drop down list.

The ticket list pages can be switched sequentially using the arrow buttons, or easily jump to a set using this drop down list.

You can also search for tickets using the search bar which would give you an extensive set of search results.

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  • 03-Oct-2018