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How do I upgrade my plan in HappyFox ? print icon

Learn more about HappyFox's pricing plans here

Permission Alert 🔐: Only Account Administrators  and agents with "Manage Billing" Permission can visit the billing page and upgrade their subscription plan.

Step-by-step instructions to upgrade your plan:

  • Log in to the agent portal.
  • Click Billing from the Module Switcher menu options.

  • You should see your plan and card information screen similar to the one below:

  • Click "Customize" adjacent to "Current Plan".
  • In the subsequent slider, choose your desired pricing plan. Also, choose between the various billing frequency models available - monthly, annual, 3 year contract, etc. Click "Proceed" to continue.


  • Under Plan Summary, you'll be provided with a short summary of the additional features and increased limits you'll benefit when you perform the upgrade. You'll also be shown the updated billing pricing information and the grand total.
  • Note: This will be your new subscription amount. For the current pending subscription duration, you’ll be charged prorated for the remaining days of the subscription.
  • Click "Update Subscription" to confirm your plan upgrade.



Alert ⚠️: Users paying via invoice mode, please send in your upgrade/downgrade request to or contact your account representative.
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