Forwarding a Ticket

HappyFox lets you forward an entire ticket content to an email address without the hassles of accessing your email account.

1. First, login to your HappyFox account and navigate to your tickets page Click the ticket that you wish like to forward.

2. In the ticket details page, Go to More actions >> Forward.

2. Specify the recipient email addresses (auto suggest is enabled for existing happyfox contacts), attach files if required, include or exclude private notes, type in the message that you would like to accompany the ticket and, finally, click Forward Ticket.

Note: The replies to forwarded tickets will by default thread in the same ticket. In cases where you do not wish to show the forwarded conversations to the customer, enable the option 'Convert replies to this forwarded ticket as a new ticket'. This will remove the ticket ID reference from the ticket, thereby creating a new ticket when the recipient of forwarded ticket replies.

The entire ticket content will be forwarded to the email addresses.

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  • 03-Oct-2018