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Add a private note
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Some of your customer requests would require internal discussions with your colleagues. The private note feature in HappyFox helps you collaborate with your team members.

As the name indicates, the private notes are visible only to your support team and will remain hidden for your end user.

Alert ⚠️ : This article pertains to the Classic version of HappyFox. If you are in the new HappyFox Experience, click here to know how internal collaboration is achieved through private notes.


To add a private note to a ticket do the following:


1. Login to your account and navigate to the respective ticket detail page, on which a private note is to be added.



2. Under the summary of ticket, click on the Add Private Note icon. Type the note and click “Send Private Note”.



3. You can choose whom to send the private note from the list of staff members or you can also choose to send the note to all staff members or subscribers.


All recent private note notifications will be listed on your dashboard. Click on the ticket for which you wish to see the private note.


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