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How do I cancel HappyFox Account? print icon

HappyFox account administrators and agents having "Manage Billing" permission can cancel their organization's HappyFox subscription.


Steps to cancel your HappyFox subscription:​​​​

  • Log in to HappyFox Agent Portal.
  • Open the module switcher and navigate to "Billing".


  • Click "Customize" under the Current Plan section.


  • In the subsequent slider, click "Cancel Subscription" on the top right.


  • To proceed with the subscription cancellation, click "Proceed with Cancellation".


  • You will be asked to answer a few questions on your decision to cancel HappyFox. Proceed to next step once done.
  • You'll be sent a 6 digit secret code to your email account. Please enter the code in the box provided. Then choose to either cancel your HappyFox account immediately or Cancel on Next Renewal. 

  • Click "Confirm Cancellation" to initiate the account cancellation.


Note: Please make sure to export your account data before canceling your account.


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