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The Billing Section

Through the Billing section, you will be able to perform the following actions:

  1. Increase or Decrease the agent limit.
  2. Pick a Plan.
  3. Choose the Billing Cycle.
  4. Update Credit Card Details and Download Invoices.
  5. View our Terms of Services and Privacy Policy.
Note: You would need "Manage Billing" permission to access this page.

Go to Billing from the Module Switcher:

1. Increase or Decrease agent limit.

Using the Slider, you will be able to increase or decrease the number of agents for your account.

Please note, in order to decrease the agent count, you need to first deactivate agents under Manage>>Agents (click on Deactivate agent option below the slider) and then decrease the slider agent count.

2. Pick a Plan

You can choose the plan which you would like to opt for. For a quick update on the Features available on the individual plans, please refer our Pricing page here.

3. Choose the Billing Cycle

You can opt for the Billing Cycle to go for our Monthly or Annual Plan.

4. Update Credit Card Details and Download Invoices

Once you have updated your Credit Card details and subscribed, you will be able to view and download invoices. Please refer Download Invoices.

5. Refer our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy details by clicking the links at the bottom of the section.

For further queries or any issues with billing, you can send us an email to

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