New Ticket Form for Agents

There are multitudes of ways in which a ticket can be created in HappyFox. 

This article explains how an agent can raise a ticket on behalf of the customer from the Agent Portal with the customer's name as the 'raised by'.

1. Log-in to your Agent portal.

2. Click on '+' next to the search bar and the new ticket form will be displayed.

3. Fill in the details and click 'Create Ticket' to create the ticket.

There is also an added functionality to this feature where you can directly view your Knowledge Base Articles, from your new ticket form.

This can be done by clicking the 'Browse KB' option on the top right of the new ticket form. It will slide out a pane with your KB articles. 

This feature will be immensely useful for agents who are creating a ticket on behalf of the customer and wants to refer to some literature before he/she does so.

Note: All KB articles, even those which are not associated to that category to which the agent belongs to, will be accessible via this feature.

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  • 23-Nov-2018