Assign Tickets

To assign tickets that you receive in your HappyFox account to specific staff members, follow the below steps:

Login to your account and go to your tickets page. 
Click the Assigned To tab under the summary of a ticket and click the relevant staff member.

You can also create a smart rule to automatically assign tickets that meet a specific criteria to a staff member.

To do this,

1. Click on the Manage Tab and go to the Smart Rules page.

2. Click the + button next to Add New Smart Rule or the New Smart Rule button.

3. Type in the name and description for the smart rule.

4. Specify the conditions.

Here, for, example I wish to automatically assign new tickets of critical priority to a particular staff member.

Specify the conditions as “Priority > is > Critical” and “Status > is > New”

Specify the action as “Set Assignee to” and select the staff member. Save the smart rule.

Now whenever a ticket of critical priority comes to your HappyFox account, it is automatically assigned to the particular staff member.

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  • 03-Oct-2018