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How to Integrate Twilio Voice with HappyFox Helpdesk

With Twilio integrated to your HappyFox helpdesk account, you and your staff members will be able to make and receiving, incoming and outgoing calls, respectively.


First steps:

Once you've signed up for a Twilio account, and have logged in, you'll first need to buy a new number. To do this, click on the "#" symbol on the left panel on your Twilio account's console, and then click "Buy a Number".


You'll then be able to search for a number and buy it using your Twilio account's credit.


In addition to the number you just bought, you will also be provided with the Twilio Account SID and the Auth Token. To find these, just click the "Show API Credentials" button in your Twilio Account.


Once you have the Twilio Account SID and the Auth Token ready, open up a separate browser tab, and log in to your HappyFox helpdesk account.


Configuring HappyFox for the integration:

Step 1: Go to Manage >> Integrations >> click configure next to Twilio

Step 2: Copy the Account SID and Auth Token from Twilio, and paste them in the respective fields in your HappyFox account.

Step 3: Select to enable the check box under "Active", and click Save Settings. This will verify your Twilio account and confirm the integration.


Setting your HappyFox account up to receive Incoming calls:

Step 1: On the Manage >> Integrations >> Twilio configure page, and click to Add a new Twilio Number.

Step 2: Enter a preferred name, then paste Twilio number you had bought earlier, with the international country code included.

Step 3: Select the Category under which tickets from incoming calls should be created under.

Note: A category should have its Availability set to Staff & Contacts, in order for it to appear in this list.

Step 4: Select the staff members who should be able to receive incoming calls from within the Helpdesk, and click Save Settings.

Step 5: Click the Twilio Integration button found next to your number.

In the pop-up that appears, copy the URL that appears in bold. Be sure to not copy any spaces.


Step 6: Once you've copied the URL from HappyFox, switch over to your Twilio tab, and go to # (Phone Numbers) >> Manage Numbers >> Active Numbers, and click on the number you have created.

Step 7: Under Voice & Fax, paste the integration URL from your HappyFox account next to "A call comes in", and ensure all the other fields are set as included in the screenshot below:

Step 8: Confirm and save the settings in your Twilio account. With this, you should now be ready to receive incoming calls from within your HappyFox account.


Note: The staff members should have their account set to be Available to receive incoming calls.


Setting your HappyFox account up to make Outgoing/Outbound calls:

Step 1: Login to your HappyFox account, and go to Manage >> Integrations >> Twilio configure page, click the Twilio Integration button next to your phone number, and copy the Voice URL that appears in bold.

Step 2: Click edit next to your phone number, and then click to enable the check box next to "Allow outbound calls to contacts".

Step 3: Switch over to your Twilio account on a separate browser tab, go to # (Phone Numbers) >> Tools >> TwiML Apps, and click the big red Create New TwiML App button.


Step 4: Give it a Friendly Name(this can be anything as you prefer), paste Voice URL you had copied from HappyFox, as the Request URL in your TwiML Apps page with HTTP POST selected. Click Save to confirm.


Once it is saved, this is how the TwiML App will appear:

Step 5: Click on the TwiML App's name to view its information.

Step 6: Copy the 34-character alphanumerical SID code under the Friendly Name. Ensure no spaces are copied.

Step 7: Switch over to your HappyFox account, and paste the SID code under Application SID in the phone number's settings.

Step 8: Select the staff members who can make outgoing calls, and click Save Settings.


For information on how to use the integration, and how information from the integration will be displayed within HappyFox, kindly refer our Knowledge Base article here.

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