Add company name, logo and colors

To personalize your help desk go to Manage >> Personalize section of your HappyFox application.

Under General >> Basic Settings >> Company Name, add your company name into the Company Name text box and click Save Settings to confirm.

Now your company name would appear on the Customer Interface and agent Interface.


You can upload your company’s logo and choose to have a favicon on the browser tab and click on Save Settings. 

The Helpdesk application name and favicon are displayed on the tab bar of web browsers. Images are automatically resized to 16 pixels, but it’s recommended that you use a high-resolution version for a sharper image.

Using Footer Contents section you can add the copyright notice and a link to your homepage. HTML tags are supported too to make your job easier.

Setting Color Schemes:

Set the color scheme for your HappyFox instance to manage consistency of HappyFox classic agent panel and customer panel, with your brand:

Under Manage>> Personalize >> Color Themes section you can modify the background color and font color settings by choosing from the color palette. Once you are done click Save Settings to confirm.

Note: This customization can only be done by the Account administrator of your HappyFox account. You can check your account admin under Manage >> General >> Basic Info.