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Add company name, logo and colors
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HappyFox allows you to personalize your support center according to your brand needs.

Applicable Plans: ✔️ Mighty ✔️ Fantastic ✔️ Enterprise ✔️ Enterprise Plus

Permission Alert 🔐: Enable Manage Support Center settings permission to customize the look and feel of your support center.

How to add Company name and logo?

Under Manage >> Account Settings >> Basic Settings >> Company Name, add your company name into the Company Name text box and click Save Settings to confirm.

Now your company name would appear on the Contact portal:

Add Favicon:

You can choose to have a favicon on the browser tab under Manage >> Account Settings >> Application Personalization Settings and click on Save Settings.

The Helpdesk application name and favicon are displayed on the tab of poular web browsers.

Support Center settings:

Personalize your support center portal under Manage >> Support Center Settings such as adding the copyright notice and a link to your homepage. HTML tags are supported.

Setting Color Schemes:

Set the color scheme for your HappyFox Contact panel with your brand:

Under Manage>> Personalize >> Color Themes section you can modify the background color and font color settings by choosing from the color palette. Click Save Settings to confirm.

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