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Enable integration with Shopify
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HappyFox-Shopify integration allows agents to view Shopify customer information and recent orders within from a HappyFox ticket. Additionally, your agents can lookup Shopify customer and order information and use it while creating a new HappyFox ticket.

Applicable Plans: ✔️ Mighty ✔️ Fantastic ✔️ Enterprise ✔️Enterprise Plus

Multi-Store Support 🛍:

Multiple Shopify Stores can be linked to HappyFox. Customer information and recent orders from the various Shopify stores integrated to HappyFox are displayed inside Ticket Details page and in New ticket creation form.


To integrate a Shopify Store with HappyFox:

  • Log in to HappyFox.
  • Go to Apps >> E-Commerce >> Shopify.
  • Click "Install".
  • Click "Add New Shopify Account".    
  • Ensure "Account Status" toggle is enabled. 
  • If your account URL is, then enter book-a-hyperloop as your Account Name(Note: make sure your account name is in lower case).
  • Associate categories with your Shopify store:
    • If no Shopify stores are associated with a category, information from all active Shopify stores are fetched and shown.
    • If Shopify stores "X" and "Y" are associated with category "C", when a ticket detail page from category "C" is accessed, information is shown only for Shopify stores "X" and "Y".
    • A category can be associated with a maximum of 3 Shopify stores.
  • Click "Save". You will be redirected to your Shopify Account login. 
  • On successful login, you will be taken to Shopify “Apps” section with a dialog requesting approval to install HappyFox app.
  • Choose “Install Unlisted App”. On successful installation, you will be redirected back to HappyFox. 
  • HappyFox - Shopify Integration is now successfully set up 🎉.

To add another Shopify Store, 

  • Go to Apps >> E-Commerce >> Shopify.
  • Click "Manage".
  • Click " Add New Shopify Account" and repeat the steps described above to integrate a Shopify Store.

Managing Existing Stores:

  • Go to Apps >> E-Commerce >> Shopify.
  • Click "Manage".
  • Click "Gear Icon" next to each store enables you to edit or delete that particular store.

Shopify Stores Customer and Order information displayed in "Ticket Creation Form":



Shopify Stores Customer and Order information displayed in "Ticket Details Page":

Additional Notes:

  • Clicking the "Pop Up" icon near the Shopify Store name redirects you to the customer profile page inside the corresponding Shopify store. 
  • Clicking the "Pop Up" icon Under to "Order Ref" value redirects to the corresponding order details page inside Shopify.
  • If an order is fulfilled and "Tracking details" are added inside Shopify, "Tracking Number" will be displayed under " Shipping and order information" inside the corresponding order inside HappyFox.
  • Meta Fields: Meta Field values from Shopify orders are displayed inside HappyFox. Learn about how you can set up Shopify meta fields here.
  • Recommended troubleshooting steps, in case of any integration failure:
    • Delete the Shopify store inside Manage >> Apps >> Shopify.
    • Delete the HappyFox app (Unlisted) inside the respective Shopify store.
    • Integrate the corresponding Shopify store with HappyFox again.
  • To know how Shopify Integration works with HappyFox Classic, Please refer to the document attached.

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