Contact group - Category association

A newly released feature in HappyFox allows users to restrict the access of certain contacts to certain categories only.

With this feature, users can set up their account in a manner to show only certain categories for a group or some end users/contacts. When these contacts log in to their customer panel, the categories view that they see on the New ticket form can be restricted. This feature is only available in the Mighty plan and above plans.

Setting up the category-contact group association

  • Under the contacts tab, create contact groups, as required. This could be a manual grouping of contacts or contacts based on some specific domain name (in their email ID).
  • You can choose to associate one or more Staff only categories from your HappyFox account for access to the members of this group

In the screenshot shown below, "PVT category" is a category which should only be visible to the members of the group AcmeWidgetsCorp

So, the members of this group will only be able to see this category on their customer panel new ticket form. Like this,

Members of the group:

In the image below, access to new ticket form, from customer panel is shown. Here the category PVT category has been associated only to this contact group. There might be other public categories like Test category in this screenshot, which are also displayed.

Contact Group and Category Association Dynamics
When moving tickets from one category to another, it is possible that clients that participated in the dicussion of the ticket might not be able to view the tickets any longer. This situation arises when the new category has permissions and restrictions that prevents the ticket's participants to view the ticket. The only guaranteed property that holds during the entire transaction is that, the client who created the ticket will always be able to view the ticket.
There are many reasons why a client might not be able to view a ticket in which he/she participated in. One of the reasons might be that, the client does not belong to a contact group associated with the new category. Or perhaps, even if the client does belong to the contact group, the contact group might not have toggled ticket access for its members.
If you are confused and you want to move the tickets anyway and the only thing that matters is that the ticket owner be able to view the ticket, then you can safely move the tickets.
But if, it is necessary that all the participants of the ticket, retain access to the ticket, then not moving the tickets to the new category might be a better option.

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  • 28-Feb-2018