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Customize Support Center with Custom CSS and JS
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The Custom CSS and HTML/JS Editor allow the HappyFox administrator to customize the Support Center. Custom CSS and HTML/JS gives you the power to make your own design and modify your support page to fit your needs.


The CSS Editor can be found under Manage >> Account Settings >> Support Center Settings.


The CSS and JS Editor can be used to make the following changes and more:

 - Font properties

 - Change Labels names and Styles

 - Support Center main search header texture, header color and gradients. 

 - Navigation bar header color, navigation bar font, 

 - Logo size

 - Border colors for headings, border size.

 - Replace the existing white background with custom colors, textures, background image. 

 - Change footer color. 

 - Change font settings for article pages.

 - Hover colors and hover effects.

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