Setup and manage Community Forums

Forums are a collection of topics and posts that include news and announcements, Product feedback, community questions and comments, ideas and frequently asked questions (FAQs). 

Available on all plans.     


Forum set up and management privileges depend on how your administrator set your permissions. Admin can set permissions under Managerial Permissions in Manage >> Roles & Permissions

Internal Forums:

Support admin can decide to enable or disable Forum for public access. As an organization, you can decide to just have an internal forum accessible only to your support agents for internal community discussions alone.

When creating topics support agents can decide who should have access to the posts. The access can be restricted to agents, logged in customers or to an anonymous user. Users, in general, cannot interact with your forum's content by commenting or posting, unless they sign in.

Forum Setup:

Forums will be part of the HappyFox Support Center. For customers to view Forum discussions without logging in, the admin has to enable checkbox box option against "Allow contacts to view forum without logging in" in Manage >> Account Settings >> Support Center Settings.

Once the Forum is enabled, go to Manage >> Forums and start adding topics. When adding topics, an agent can decide who can create posts and who can view posts.


When someone adds a new post or a reply, notifications will be triggered to support agents allowing them to monitor the posts and replies, and intervene when necessary and appropriate.

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