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SMTP for emails sent from your HappyFox account
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This article highlights steps for setting up SMTP on your HappyFox account.


  • For Channels based accounts, (Main Menu > Channels) read here here. For agent notifications, please ensure Main Menu > Channels > Fallback Settings > Default Outgoing Channel is set to one of the SMTP enabled accounts. 
  • For Categories based accounts, to setup SMTP for each category read here. To setup SMTP globally, please perform the same steps here: Main Menu > Account Settings > Outgoing Email Settings. This setting can be reused in categories by having Using default selected. Agent notifications also uses the same configuration.


Common instructions for both Channels and Categories based accounts:


  • For reliable connection establishment between HappyFox and the Microsoft Office 365 SMTP servers, please configure a relay connector and add all IP addresses mentioned. Detailed steps have been outlined here
  • For other SMTP servers, ensure connections from the given IP addresses are whitelisted


If basic auth is deprecated in your Office 365 server and if you are using a Category based account or if you have any other questions, please reach out to

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