Create a personalized ticket queue

Help desk staff can create a customized view of the main Tickets View page, where they can choose the sequence in which tickets should be displayed. 

To configure your Queue, do the following:

1. Log in to your staff account and click on "My Settings". Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the '+' icon in the "My Queue" section. You will then see three drop down columns in the following manner:

2. You can then choose the "Category" from which you'd like to see tickets first, using the 'first' drop down. Choose the "status" of the ticket from the 'second' drop down, and the current "assignment status" of the ticket from the 'third'.

3. Each ticket status in HappyFox is classified as either a 'pending' or 'completed' state. The default status options shipped with HappyFox are :

Pending State : New, Open, On Hold

Completed State : Solved, Closed

The status reference in the second drop down relates to these two primary 'states'.

4. You can choose the tickets assigned to you first, if you'd prefer to see them at the top of your list. Additional rows of conditions can be added to your queue setting and the tickets corresponding to each filter will appear one below the other on the 'My Queue' page:

5. The example above shows a queue where a staff has configured a custom view with the following sequence:

- All Pending tickets, assigned to them, in any category

followed by

- All pending tickets, of any assignment, in any category

NOTE: If you have multiple conditions set for your My Queue, and a ticket satisfies multiple conditions, the ticket will be listed in each section where the conditions are met (duplication)

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  • 06-Mar-2015