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Migrating assets from one asset type to another

HappyFox Asset Management makes it easy for admins to group or categorize assets into multiple asset types and customize each of them based on need. [Click here to know more on asset types][1]. Asset management in HappyFox help desk provides you an automated process to migrate the assets from one asset type to another…

API for Asset Management

API provided by the HappyFox helpdesk is a RESTful web service. It supports operations like creating a ticket, adding updates to a ticket, listing tickets and users of the Helpdesk. It supports JSON, Form Url encoded and Multipart Form Data formats as payload. _**Requirements:**_ The API requires following skills in…

Linking Assets with Contacts

HappyFox allows you to link contacts with assets in your helpdesk. Applicable Plans: ✖️ Mighty ✖️ Fantastic ✔️ Enterprise ✔️Enterprise Plus ✔️ Unlimited Agents Plans **Points to be noted 📝:** * Asset↔️Contact Link is **independent** of Asset↔️Ticket Link. Learn more about Asset↔️Tickets Links [here][1]. * Asset…

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