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How to create and manage asset custom fields?
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Asset custom fields are used to capture the properties or the characteristics of the assets within each Asset Type. These fields can be configured for each asset type. The asset custom fields will help to capture more detailed information about the assets enabling efficient asset management.

Example: An Asset Type called 'Laptops' can have Asset Fields like Serial Number, Processor, RAM, Internal Storage, Operating System, etc. 


How to create asset custom fields in Service Desk?

  1. Navigate to Main Menu > Product Catalog > Asset Fields

  2. Click on the +button next to the asset type title at the top.

  3. A Create Asset Field right panel will be displayed where you can configure the following field properties

    • Name: Provide the name of the asset custom field. This is a mandatory field.

    • Description: Provide the brief description of the custom field for this asset type.

    • Type: Choose the datatype of the field from the dropdown available. This is a mandatory field. Type cannot be changed once an asset field is created.

    • Supported data types are

      • Text

      • Text area

      • Number

      • Dropdown

      • Multiple Option

      • Date

  4. Required: Select if the custom field should be a mandatory field when creating an asset. This is a mandatory field.

  5. Help text for agents: Provide the help text that needs to be displayed for this asset field in the Create Asset form.

  6. Click on the Create button.

  7. A new asset custom field will be created and will be made available in the create and list page respectively. 

Search asset fields

  • You can quickly search for an asset field by using the search bar at the top.
  • Search results will be displayed if the search keyword matches the Asset Field Name.

Reorder fields

  • Click on the Reorder fields action button on the Asset field listing page.
  • This will open a Asset Fields Display Order modal 
  • Here you can customise or rearrange the order in which the asset fields will be displayed in the create, edit and view asset details page.
  • Click and Hold on the Rearrange icon next to a field and move it to a desired location in the modal screen.
  • Once done, click on Update Order to save the new field ordering.

How to edit or update asset fields?

  • Click on an existing asset field from the listing page to update the properties of the field.

  • Name, Description, Help text for Agents can be updated.

  • Note: Type cannot be changed once an asset field is created. This field will be disabled.

  • Click on Save to update the changes made.

How to clone asset fields? 

  • Clicking on the Clone link button in the edit page, will automatically direct you to the Create Asset Field page with all the field properties prepopulated.

  • You can then click on the Create button to save the cloned field.

How to delete asset fields?

  • Asset fields can be deleted from the Edit Asset Field right panel.

  • Click on the Delete link button in the edit page. 

  • This will open a delete confirmation popover with a message.

  • NOTE: This action cannot be undone

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