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How to create a Asset in Service Desk?
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Required Permission

Manage Assets in a Team

  • You will need the above permission to view the Asset Management module and to create or manage the assets within this module.

  • This is a Team level - Managerial Permission

  • You can enable this permission by navigating to Manage > Roles and Permissions > Role Type: Team > Managerial > Assets

How to create a new Asset in Service Desk?

  1. Navigate to Main Menu > Assets module

  2. The Asset types configured in the Product Catalog will be listed in the left panel. Choose the Asset type within which you wish to create a new asset.

  3. Click on the + button next to the Asset Type title at the top.

  4. A Create Asset form will load in a right panel

  5. The list of asset standard fields will be displayed in the Create Asset form.



Asset Type *

Asset type will be pre populated based on the type where the create action was initiated. 

  • This is a mandatory field.

  • The list of asset types configured under Product Catalog > Asset Types

  • Choose an asset type from the dropdown displayed.

Asset Model * 

This field will be auto-populated based on the Asset type selected.

  • Every asset needs to be associated with an Asset Model.
  • This is a mandatory field.

  • The list of models configured under Product Catalog > Asset Models

  • Choose a model from the dropdown displayed.



Name *

Name of the Asset

Display ID * 

Unique identifier of the Asset

Asset Status *

Current Status of the Asset. Listed below are the set of default status available,


In Stock

Assets that are in stock and can be provided to a employee.


In Use

Assets that are in use by employee.


In Repair

Assets that are in repair condition or needs maintenance.



Assets that are ordered.


In Transit

Assets that are ordered and in transit.



Assets that are planned for purchasing or procurement.


In Review

Assets that are planned and are in review for purchasing or procurement.



Assets that are lost or missing.



Assets that are no longer used.

Asset Custom Fields

The list of custom fields configured for the selected Asset type will be listed here based on the configuration.

Used By

Select the requester who uses the asset currently. You can search and associate a requester to the asset here from the dropdown.




Choose the Team who owns or manages the asset 

Assignment Group

Choose the Assignment Group who owns or manages the asset 


Choose the Agents who owns or manages the asset 


  1. Once the required asset properties are provided click on the Create button.

  2. A new asset will be created and you will be directed to the respective Asset Details Page.

Assets Listing Page

  • The Asset types created in the Product Catalog will be displayed in the Assets module landing page

  • A specific instance of Assets can be created and associated to an Asset Model under each Asset Type.

  • The list of asset details or properties that will be displayed are,

    • Name

    • Asset Model

    • Display ID

    • Used By

    • Status

  • Assets can be searched using the Search box available at the top of the page.

  • Asset Import: Bulk Assets can be imported into specific Asset Types. More details on the export can be found here. 

  • Assets Export: Assets along with all the asset properties can be exported and send to an email address. More details on the export can be found here. 

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