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What are Asset Types in Service Desk?
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Asset Type refers to a classification or category assigned to assets based on their characteristics or attributes. It helps in organising and grouping similar assets together for better management and tracking purposes. Defining multiple asset types based on the differentiating attributes of the products that will be part of your catalog helps in simplifying asset tracking and management. By making use of Asset Types in the Product Catalog, organisations can efficiently organise, manage, and monitor their diverse range of products and assets, streamlining IT operations and ensuring optimal utilisation of assets.

How to create a new Asset Type?

  1. Navigate to Main Menu > Product Catalog > Asset Types

  2. Click on +button [Create Asset Type] next to the title Asset Types. 

  3. A Create Asset Type right panel will be displayed in the right will the following fields. Provide the following details to create a new asset type

    • Name: Provide a name for the asset type. This name will be used to identify and categorize assets of this type in the Service Desk. This is a mandatory field. Example: Hardware, Laptops, Printers, etc.

    • Description: Provide a brief description of the asset type. This will help the admins to understand the purpose and characteristics of the assets belonging to this type.

    • Team: Select a Service Desk Team from the dropdown available. This will associate the Asset type to the selected team. This is a mandatory field. Note: Team cannot be changed once a asset type is created. 

  4. Select the Save button.

  5. A new asset type will be created. 

  6. As a next step, you can choose to create asset custom fields for the newly created asset type directly from here by clicking on the Create Asset Fields link button.

Edit or Update Asset Type

  • Click on an existing asset type from the listing page to update the details of it.
  • Name and Description can be updated
  • Note: Team cannot be changed once a asset type is associated to it. This field will be disabled.
  • Click on Save to update the changes made.

Manage Asset Fields 

  • Clicking on this link button in the edit page, will direct you to the Manage Asset Fields page of the respective Asset Type.
  • You can create or manage the Asset Custom Fields for the asset type here.  

Delete Asset Type

  • Asset types can be deleted from the Edit Asset Type right panel.
  • A confirmation popover will be displayed.
  • Deleting a asset type will automatically delete all the Asset fields associated with it.
  • This action cannot be reverted.


Impact or Dependency check before deleting a Asset Type

Asset Types which has assets associated to it cannot be deleted. Following message will be displayed. 

Delete <Asset type name> Asset type
There are still assets present under this asset type. Please delete all existing assets under the hardware asset type to proceed with the asset type deletion
No. of associated assets

Search Asset Types

  • You can quickly search for a asset type by using the search bar at the top.
  • Search results will be displayed if the search keyword matches the Asset Name.
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