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Customizing your New Ticket Creation Form
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HappyFox's New Ticket Creation Form helps you take feedback/support-tickets from your customers. This form is displayed by default in your support center. You can access this page at This form consists of two components - ticket fields & contact fields:

  • Ticket fields are those fields that relate to the customer's query or feedback.
  • Contact Fields are those fields which are related to the customer who is raising the ticket.

This article explains how to customize the end-user new ticket form. Agents can create tickets on behalf of customers using the new ticket form present at the agent portal. Learn more about Agent Portal's new ticket form here.

Heads up ❇️: The latest edition of the HappyFox new ticket form is made available only to select beta customers. This will be made available to existing customers soon.
Applicable Plans: ✔️ Mighty ✔️ Fantastic ✔️ Enterprise ✔️ Enterprise Plus

A quick guide to customize your New Ticket Form:

Permission Alert 🔐: Your role would require "Manage Support Center settings" & "Customize look and feel of Support Center pages" permissions to access the new ticket form page builder.
  • Log in to your HappyFox agent panel.
  • Navigate to Support Center >> Look and Feel from the module switcher.
  • Click "New Ticket" from the list of pages available for customization.
  • Customize the various "Layout options" on the right sidebar with relevant configurations.
  • Use the handy "toggle" inside a layout option to show/hide the widget.
  • Click "Save" to save the current configuration as a draft. The changes saved will now reflect on the inbuilt site preview.
  • Click "Publish" to confirm your changes made to your actual support center new ticket page.

Layout options components explained:

  • Banner
    • This component lets you customize the colors, images, and texts of your new ticket form page banner.
    • You could add a lively banner image to your new ticket form page with the built-in image uploader.
      • The height of the new ticket page banner is 180 pixels. Please upload a PNG/JPG/BMP image with resolution greater than 1280*180 and use the built-in re-sizer to fit.
      • Use the "Overlay Opacity" to add a layer of transparency to your banner image.
      • Alternatively, you could specify a background color to your banner that matches your brand colors. 
    • Specify the welcome text and its color. The welcome text is present in the center of your banner.
  • Custom Text Area:
    • ​​​​Custom text areas can be used to add instructions and images specific to the support center new ticket page.
    • Use the built-in rich text editor to customize the content present inside the custom text area.
    • This component can be toggled on/off.
  • Custom Message after Ticket Creation:
    • This widget can be used to add a message after the ticket is successfully created.
    • You could use this text area to guide your customers on the next steps post ticket creation.
    • If left empty, the default custom message will be shown.
  • Captcha for End User Forms:
    • Enable Google's reCAPTCHA feature to combat SPAM/robotic ticket creation through end-user forms.

Layout options properties explained:

  • Form Style:
    • The "Form Style" component lets you edit the look and feel properties of your new ticket form. You can customize the background & text colors for the form elements.
    • You could also manually override the heading & button texts present in your new ticket form.
  • Reorder Fields:
    • The "Reorder" component lets you re-order the ticket and contact fields present in your new ticket form.
    • You can also re-order "ticket fields" and "contact fields" as a block - i.e. move one block above/below another.


Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I show/hide fields in my new ticket creation form?

A: To customize the visibility of default fields (Fields that HappyFox ship by default), you would have to go to Manage >> Account Settings >> New Ticket Form Customization Options and enable/disable fields under the "Display for Contact" column. To customize the visibility of custom fields (Fields that were created by you), you would have to go to Manage >> Custom Fields and toggle the "Internal Field" value for the desired fields.


2) How do I customize the field order for custom fields? 

A: To customize the field order for custom fields, go to "Manage >> Custom Fields" and click "Re-order Fields" on the top right. Learn more about custom fields here.


3) Can I customize the field labels present in the new ticket form?

A: Yes. You could provide an alternate display text for fields inside the new ticket form. Learn more about this feature here.


4) I need to supplement my ticket custom fields with help texts, how do I achieve this?

A: You would need to head over to Manage >> Custom Fields to add help texts to your fields. Learn more about this feature here.

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