Understanding Ticket Creation Form For Agents

HappyFox agents can easily create tickets on behalf of a customer or another agent, which is extremely handy for cases where:

  • A request is conveyed over a conversation and needs to be ticketed for audit purposes.
  • An agent needs to create a private ticket, that should not visible to the contacts but is accessible only by the agent.
  • An agent needs to create a ticket for another agent, for internal support.

Watch a Feature Walkthrough 📽:

Each HappyFox agent can create a new ticket from within their agent panel. Click on the "+ New Ticket" button, located in the top bar, to load the ticket form:

Look up existing contact : 

If the customer has submitted tickets in the past and has a contact profile on the help desk, simply start typing his/her name or email ID for a live lookup and the system will show you the suggestions.


You could also use the lookup based on your contact custom field values. Simply select the contact custom field from the dropdown, type in the keyword and use the autocomplete to look up based on the custom field value.

Click on the relevant contact profile to automatically populate contact specific fields such as :

- Name (of the customer)

- Email ID (of the customer)

- any contact fields you may have set up

Browse KB: 

There is also an added functionality to the new ticket form where you can directly view your Knowledge Base Articles.

This can be done by clicking the 'Browse KB' option on the top right of the new ticket form. It will slide out a pane with your KB articles as shown below.


This feature will be immensely useful for an agent who is creating a ticket on behalf of a customer and wants to refer to some documentation before he/she does so.
Note: All KB articles, even those which are not associated with that category to which the agent belongs to, will be accessible via this feature.

Contact Details :

For a new contact, you need to manually fill in the contact and custom field details. By default, email is a mandatory field. However, you can make it optional

Ticket Info : 

Ticket info fields contain the property/information about the ticket.

Ticket fields      What they mean
Category       Helps to categorize the ticket according to the different kinds of requests. 
Priority      Shows whether the ticket is an Urgent, High, Medium or Low priority ticket. 
Assignee      Agent who is currently assigned and working on the ticket. 
Due date      Within which some actions are expected to be performed on the ticket.
CC      Recipients who are publicly informed of the communication (carbon copy). 
BCC      Recipients who are invisible to other recipients of the communication.
Subject      Brief description of the ticket.
Message      Detailed description of the ticket.

Every HappyFox account comes with a set of default mandatory fields (Category, Subject, Message) that are important for the functioning of your helpdesk. These fields are a part of every ticket in your helpdesk, and will be used by the agents extensively as they try to resolve issues. For this purpose, default fields cannot be removed from your ticket form. 

Private Ticket :  

On checking 'Private Ticket' box while creating the ticket, the customer will neither get notified of the ticket nor will have permissions to view it.