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How to Create tickets in Happyfox?
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HappyFox lets you address issues from the customer in the form of tickets and assign them to the right person with the necessary priority. 

Available plan: ✔️ Mighty ✔️ Fantastic ✔️ Enterprise ✔️ Enterprise Plus 

There are multiple possible ways to create a ticket in HappyFox.

  • An agent can raise a ticket on behalf of the customer from the Agent Portal with the customer's name as the requester.
  • Any email directed to your support email address automatically gets converted into a ticket in your helpdesk system.
  • A customer can submit a support ticket through the customer support portal. 
  • A customer can submit a support ticket directly from your website or any third party website via the support widget.

Quick steps to raise a ticket from the Agent portal:

  •  Log-in to the Agent portal.
  • Click on +New Ticket button next to the search bar and the new ticket form will be displayed.

  • Fill in the details and click Submit to create the ticket.

    To know the ticket form in detail, please Click here.

Forward and convert your support email to tickets in HappyFox:

When you create a HappyFox account, you're provided with an email address that looks like this: You'll have to forward emails coming into your support email address to the above unique address for your HappyFox account so that they get captured as tickets in your account. You can read about the detailed setup of this here

Creating tickets from Customer Support Portal:

Your customers can make use of the Create a new ticket/ Submit ticket option in the portal to submit tickets. 

The fields that appear on the ticket form can be configured under Manage > Account Settings ( General Settings) > New Ticket Form Customization Options. This option to create a support ticket can either be made available for all the users who access the portal or only for logged users. This article gives additional information on the ticket creation process through the portal. 

Support requests directly from your website, portal or any third party web page :

HappyFox lets you collect support requests of your customers, directly from your website, portal or any third party web page. This allows your customers to submit a ticket to your helpdesk without having to look around for your self-service portal or remember your support email.

In order to set this up, you need to configure the support widget in HappyFox and put the code snippet in your website. If you want it to be available across several pages, you can set up a pop-up widget that will appear as a small tab on the sides of your screen and will open up a form when clicked. You could also set up an embeddable widget, which will put a form directly into one of your pages (for example, the Contact Us page). 

Either way, the widget will display the ticket form with all the ticket fields you have configured inside HappyFox, automatically. Follow the instruction to set up the support widget. 

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