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Specify help texts for fields shown to your customers
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HappyFox allows you to provide help texts to your custom fields which are accessible by contacts. This functionality is currently applicable only to the pre-login end-user new ticket creation forms.


To specify Help Texts for fields shown to contacts,

  • Log in to your HappyFox agent portal.
  • Navigate to Manage >> Custom Fields.
  • Open the "View Slider" of the desired custom field. Click "Edit" on the top-band.
  • Under the "Contact Form Preferences" section,
    • Specify the desired value for the "Help Text for Contacts" field.
    • Specify the help text display format:
      • Inline: The help text appears inline just below the field name.
      • Hover: The help text gets displayed upon hovering over the "i" icon.
  • Click "Save".

Note: Contact Form Preferences section will be visible only if the field "Internal Field? (Visible only to agents)" value is set to no.

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