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Manage ticket custom fields
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Ticket custom fields lets you collect additional data about the ticket like Order ID, Shipping Address, Issue Type, apart from the basic properties such as status, priority , category or contact. Ticket custom fields can be later used to create ticket queues, filters or run reports on.

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How to view/set values to these custom fields?

The visibility of the field is set to “Internal - Agents Only” or both “Agents & Contacts” at field level while creating the field.


For Agents

The ticket fields are visible in new ticket form and ticket details right pane as shown below.



Ticket details right pane



New ticket form


Agents can edit these values at per field level by hovering and clicking on the edit icon beside the fields or click on the “Edit all” option at the top right corner to start editing all the fields in one go.


Hovering a field will display the edit icon


Clicking on “Edit all” at the top right corner, lets you edit all the fields in one go.


For contacts

If the visibility is set to “Agents & Contacts”, the contacts can also view these fields in support portal ticket details page and edit values for these as shown below.



Who manages these fields?

Only agents with “Manage ticket custom fields” can create new custom fields or edit/delete existing custom fields’ properties. Goto Manage > Custom Fields > Ticket Fields to add/edit custom fields. You will also be able to filter the custom fields by categories. 





Note: All other agents can just view the created custom fields across the app and set values for the same.

If you are using HappyFox Classic version, refer to the attached document.


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