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Roles and permissions
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HappyFox lets you create different roles which have customized set of access level/permissions within the app. Each agent in HappyFox is associated with one of these roles.

Watch a Feature Walkthrough 📽:

Create a role

  1. Navigate to Manage >> Roles & Permissions

Note: Other than account admin, only agent with “Manage Agents” permission can view this section.

  1. Click on “+” button next to the “Roles” to create a new role.

Note: HappyFox is shipped with 2 default customizable roles– Admin and Agent. Admin role has complete access to all the features while the agent has restricted access.


  1. A role has two sets of permissions: Managerial permission for accessing and editing application-level functions and Ticket Level Permissions for ticket level actions.

  2. Enable the desired permissions for the role and click on “Create” to create the role.

  3. You can then assign this role to existing or new agents.

Note: To know how to add new agents and assign roles, refer to this article

Edit/Delete/Clone Roles

  1. To edit any role, click on the ellipses present at the end of the row as shown below and choose edit.

  2. If you wish create a role which similar to an existing role but with less/more access, than you can choose to clone an existing role. This will create a clone of the selected role with pre selected permission for the ease of role creation.

  3. Choose delete to remove the role from your helpdesk. Deleting a role will ask you for the new alternate role to which all the existing agents should be reassigned.

If you are using HappyyFox Classic version, refer to the attached document.

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