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Manage Agents
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Agents are your team members who use HappyFox to resolve tickets raised by your customers (contacts).


How to add agents

View agents list

View agent details 

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How to add agents?

  1. Navigate to Manage >> Agents from the module switcher.

Note: If you have used up all the agent seats and unable to invite a new agent, you can purchase an additional license from the billing page. To know more about purchasing a new license, please refer to this article.

Note: Only agents having “Manage agents”  permission can view this option.

  1. Click on the “+” button to create a new agent.

  2. Fill in the below fields

    1. First Name

    2. Last Name

    3. Email Address: Email ID of the agent

    4. Role: Agent’s permission/access level will be according to the role assigned.

    5. Associate Categories: By associating category, the agent can view/work on tickets created in the associated category.

Note: Refer to this article on how to add multiple agents  at a time.

  1. Account invite email will be sent to the agent and this agent will now be available under the “Pending” agents tab.

  1. Agent should then follow the instructions  in the email to add more details such as user name password to start using the app.

  2. Until the agent creates the account, the agent will remain in the pending agent list.

How to view the agents list?

Once the agent has created the user profile, navigate to Manage >> Agents and refer to the “Active” tab to view the active agents list. The table view is explained below


  1. Agent name

  2. Role

  3. Email address

  4. Categories:

  5. Agent Status: Indicates the agent’s availability for ticket assignment.  

    1. Available indicates that the agent is actively available for the auto assignments and ticket assignments.  

    2. Unavailable indicates that the agent is unavailable for the auto assignments and ticket assignments.  

    3. Not applicable indicates that the agent is not associated to any category which has auto assignment enabled.

Note: You will not view “Agent Status” column if none of categories have auto assignment enabled.

Viewing agent details

  1. Click on any of the agent from the agent table view to the agent’s detail.
  2. The agent details page will include a top band which displays the basic information about the agent.
  3. The “Recent tickets” section displays the most recent tickets that is assigned to him and has participated in.  
  4. The right pane indicates the most recent activities of the agent.
    • Assigned - Displays the number of tickets assigned to the agent over different time intervals
    • Replies - Indicates the number of updates the agent has added to a ticket over different time intervals.
    • Private notes - Indicates the number of private notes added by the agent over different time intervals.

To know how agents work in HappyFox Classic, refer to the document attached 


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