Quick Ticket Actions on Tickets

This article contains steps on how to change Ticket Properties from a ticket detail page.

Watch a Feature Walkthrough 📽:

The ticket properties that can be changed from the ticket detail page are as follows:

  • Ticket Status
  • Assignee
  • Category
  • Due Date
  • Priority

There are basically two ways in which these properties can be changed from a Ticket Detail Page.

From the Ticket Summary Bar:

  • Change Ticket Status

  • Change Ticket Assignee

  • Change Ticket Priority

  • Move the Ticket to a Different Category

  • Change the Ticket Due Date

  • Note: By clicking the icon shown below from the ticket summary bar, HappyFox allows you change the ticket Status, Priority , Assignee, and Due date from a single drop down menu.


From the Update Area

  • Status,Assignee,Priority, and Due Date can be changed from the Update Box( Reply or Private Note). 

    Please note that you cannot perform a category change from the Update area.