Add Tags to a ticket

Tags are useful in identifying a ticket. HappyFox lets you add tags to a ticket manually or via canned action.

To add tags to the ticket manually,

1. Login to your HappyFox account and navigate to your tickets page.

2. Click the ticket which you would like to tag.

3. In the ticket details page, click “Add Tags” in the More Actions section.

4. Type in the relevant tags, each separated by a comma and then click the Add Tag button.

The tags you have added will be listed in the Tags section of the ticket details page.

Add tags via canned actions.

1. To do this, navigate to Manage >> Canned actions.

2. Click  + to add a new Canned action or 'edit' to edit an existing Canned action.

3. Type in the tags in the Tags text box. Once you are done, click Save Settings.

Now every time this canned action is applied on a ticket, the ticket will be tagged with the tags given in the canned action.

Add tags via Smart rules:

1. Navigate to Manage >> Smart rules.

2. Click  + to add a new smart rule or 'edit' to edit an existing Smart rule.

3. After setting the conditions for the smart rules, set 'Add Tags' in the perform action section, check the category names in associate categories and click save settings.

Whenever this smart rule is triggered, the tag will be added to the ticket.

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