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Merge Tickets
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When you receive multiple tickets from the same contact, related to the same problem or issue, you can merge all said tickets together into one ticket and manage your resolutions from one ticket.

Available in all pricing plans

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How Merging tickets work in HappyFox?

  • The Merge action is possible only on the tickets created by the same contact. The contact should either have the same email ID or have the same name and phone number.
  • The ticket from which the merge action is initiated will be considered as the losing ticket and will become a part of the winning ticket.
  • Attachments from the loser ticket will be included in the winning ticket after they are merged.
  • Upon merging, the losing ticket will take the status which occupies the last position on the order set under Manage >> Statuses. 
  • If the loser ticket has more than one update, merging it will not bring over any updates/information to the winning ticket.

How to Merge Tickets in HappyFox?

  • Open the ticket you wish to merge.
  • Click on More actions and select Merge Ticket.
  • Tickets that are eligible for merge action will be listed. Select the ticket to merge with, from the list.
  • You can add a note as the reason for merging (this will be added as a private note on the winning ticket).
  • Click on Merge Ticket to perform the merging.
  • All the merged tickets are listed as a tab inside of the ticket details page for quick reference.



Changing the contacts of merged tickets

If the contact of merge winner is updated, the contacts of all merge loser tickets are also correspondingly updated. Learn about how to change ticket's contact here.

Points to note:

  • You cannot change the contact of merge loser tickets individually.
  • You can only change the merge winner contact to another Email/Phone linked contact.
  • If merged tickets are unmerged, previous merge losers will retain the last updated contact.

How to Un-merge Tickets?

You can un-merge merged tickets by clicking the Un-merge icon next to the tickets that have been merged. To access the merged ticket list, navigate to the "Merged" tab under updates.


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