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Multi Lingual Agent Portal

HappyFox offers multi-lingual support for the agent portal too. This benefits customer support teams that are spread across different geographies. It enables agents to work on the agent portal in their local language. Pricing Plans: All Plans Here are the steps that an agent has to perform to switch the agent port…

Setting up a Multi-Lingual Knowledge Base and Support Center

A multi-lingual knowledge base can cater to the self-service requirements of customers from different geographies. With HappyFox, the creation and maintenance of a multi-lingual knowledge base is easy. HappyFox's centralized KB module is equipped with powerful translation capabilities. Pricing Plans: Fantastic a…

Accessing Knowledge Base from a Ticket Page

It is always a good idea to have quick access to your Knowledge Base articles when you are responding to customers. We have included an option to directly access your Knowledge Base from the ticket detail page and have also included an option to search through the KB to find the specific article that was being looked…

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