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Multi Lingual Agent Portal
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HappyFox offers multi-lingual support for the agent portal too. This benefits customer support teams that are spread across different geographies. It enables agents to work on the agent portal in their local language.

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Here are the steps that an agent has to perform to switch the agent portal interface into a local language. 


1. Log in to agent portal and access My Settings on top right. 



2. Navigate to the Localization Settings tab


Note: The agent portal would primarily be shown in the local language. There would be a few places where the interface would be in English. The list of languages that are available are English, French, Croatian, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Swedish, Japanese, and German.



3. Choose a Language and click Save


The agent portal would now be shown in the chosen language. 




Here are some related KB articles that may help you Multi-lingual StatusesSetting up a Multi-Lingual Knowledge Base and Support Center  



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