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Multi-lingual Statuses
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HappyFox offers the ability to have the same statuses translated into different languages.  Existing status names and their description can be translated into one/many of the currently supported agent portal languages. These translated statuses would be visible elsewhere in the agent portal as well as in the contact portal. 



Translated Statuses make it more intuitive for Agents and Contacts to understand the lifecycle stage of the ticket. 

Admins need to ensure the required configuration is done to leverage this feature. 
Status translations are applicable for the current List of languages supported for the agent portal. These are English, French, Croatian, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Swedish, Japanese and German. 

The Agents will have to update their language settings in Agent Portal Language inside My Settings >> Localization Settings >> Language.


Then, the translated status would be reflected in the Agent portal. Key pages where agents would see the translated status are Tickets Listing page, Ticket Details page, V2 Reports, and Contact details page. Translated statuses would have the same color code as the corresponding English status.


Configuring status translations can be done by Admins with Manage Statuses.


  1. Go to Manage >> Statuses. 
  2. Click the Translate button on the top right corner. 
  3. Choose the required language and click the Start button
  4. A pop-up lists all Statuses and their Descriptions.
  5. Edit/add the translated Status name and description, on the right side. The Admin is expected to clearly indicate the text that is considered as the Translated Status
  6. Save the changes
  7. Agents can then go to My Settings > Localization Settings and choose their preferred language. 
  8. Agents will begin to see the status in the translated language. 


When the English(source) language statuses are deleted, their corresponding translated statuses will be deleted as well.
Merge fields are available in the notification template  Status_<langcode>

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