Accessing Knowledge Base from a Ticket Page

It is always a good idea to have quick access to your Knowledge Base when you are responding to customers.  In a scenario where the agent/staff adding an update wants to include an excerpt from a KB article but does not want to attach the whole KB because including the whole article is unnecessary for the specific case or because the KB is of an internal type, this feature proves useful. It allows the agents to circumvent the tedious process of opening up a new browser tab with the Knowledge Base and accomplish what they require. 

With that eventuality in mind, we have included an option to directly access your Knowledge Base from the ticket detail page and have also included an option to search through the KB to find the specific article that was being looked for.
This is how you access it: 
Towards the top right side of the ticket detail page, click on the book icon. 

The icon will look like this:

After you click on the icon, it will slide out a pane from where you can view and search through your KB articles.

Upon opening an article, there are the options to copy the link of the article and also to open the same article in a new browser tab. 

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  • 29-Sep-2017