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How to configure an outgoing SMTP for a Category?
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You can use your own email server to send replies on tickets. This can configured under the category's settings.



If your HappyFox account has Channels, please refer this article for the same steps:


The steps to do this are as outlined below:


Step 1: Navigate to Manage >> Categories and click edit next to the category you're looking to configure the SMTP for.

Step 2: Scroll down to Outgoing Mail Options, click show advanced options, and accept any pop-ups or prompts that appear.

Step 3: Select "Use Own SMTP" from the drop down menu under SMTP Account.

Step 4: Enter your SMTP account's hostname details and credentials in the respective fields.

Step 5: Click "Test Connection" to verify if the credentials you entered are all correct, and to confirm if the SMTP server connection works.

Step 6: Add the spf record "" to your DNS. We strongly recomment to set the SPF record to ensure all the replies sent from HappyFox are delivered to your customers. 

Step 7: Once you have added the SPF record, you can verify the status in HappyFox using "Re-verify" option.  

Hit save to confirm the changes made. 

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