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Configure Gmail to Forward Emails
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HappyFox allows you to convert incoming emails πŸ“§ in Gmail into helpdesk tickets. To do this, you must associate a helpdesk category with the desired email and set up a forwarding rule in Gmail.

Associating a category with the email address:

  • Log in to your HappyFox Agent portal.
  • πŸ” Your agent role must have "Manage Categories" permission to perform this action.
  • Go to Manage >> Categories from the module switcher.
  • You can either create a new category or edit an existing category to configure the e-mail forwarding. Click "+" to create a category or click "edit" next to an existing category.
  • πŸ“¬ Under "Incoming Mail Options" Section, select mailbox type as "E-mail forwarding" from the drop-down.
  • Enter the Gmail Address from which you need the incoming emails to be created as tickets.
  • πŸ“ŒNote the forwarding address for your helpdesk account. It is of the format <helpdeskaccountname>-<identifiernumbers> You need to paste this address inside Gmail (More about that in the next section).

Setting up a forwarding rule in Gmail:

  • Log in to Gmail with the account you wish to forward emails to HappyFox.
  • Click the Gear βš™οΈ Icon towards the top right. 
  • Click "Settings" to open the mailbox settings.
  • Go to Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab. Under Forwarding Section, Click the "Add a Forwarding Address" button.
  • Paste the forwarding address obtained from HappyFox (See the previous section).
  • Click "Save/Confirm".

  • A ticket with the confirmation link from Google would have been created in the corresponding category.
  • Click the confirmation link/paste the URL in your browser and hit Enter.

  • Go to the Settings page of the Gmail account you want to forward messages.
  • Select Forward a copy of incoming mail to, choose if you wish to Keep Gmail's copy in the Inbox (advised) and Click Save Changes.

  • You're all set with the email forwarding Setup βœ”️.


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