Configure Gmail to Forward Emails

Before configuring the forwarding from your gmail/ google apps mailbox, you will need to have a default category setup with the forwarding ID of your account, as the email address in the default category. This is required for receiving the confirmation code from google for validating the forwarding. Please see a screenshot below for reference.

Follow the below steps to create the forwarding rule in Gmail:

1. Log in to your Gmail/Google Apps account and navigate to the Mail Settings Page.

2. Click on "Forwarding and POP/IMAP".

Add forwarding address

3. Click on "Add a forwarding address". Enter your HappyFox Account ID and click on Next (Your HappyFox Account ID is displayed on the new category form (under the Incoming Mail Options section) and is typically of the format [support], where [support] refers to the name of your HappyFox account.

Google will now send an email to your HappyFox account, which will be converted into a ticket and routed into your Default Category. Follow the instructions in the ticket (typically, you'd need to click on a verification link) to enable the forwarding rule.

4. Navigate to your Google Mail Settings page once again and enable the forwarding rule, selecting if you wish to have a copy of the mail stored in Gmail/Google Apps.

Emails now sent to your corporate email address will be automatically forwarded to your HappyFox account. Your help desk staff can then manage and respond to requests from your customers, by simply replying to tickets via HappyFox.