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How to create a category?
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  1. Go to Manage >> Categories as shown below 

Note: You need to have “Manage Categories” permission to view this option under the main menu.


  1. Click on the “+” icon to start creating a category. 

  2. Create a category form explained: 





  1. Name: Enter the name of the category here

  2. Prefix: This will be the prefix used in ticket numbers. For example, for a marketing category, you can define the prefix as MRKT. By doing this, it becomes easy for you to recognize marketing tickets just by looking at the ticket number. 


  1. Visible in new ticket form for contacts: Set this option to “No” if you want to hide this category from the contacts when they create tickets via support center/embed forms/widgets.  These are called “Private categories” and will be visible only to your agents. 

  2. Associate agents: Add the agents to whom you want to provide access to this category. What this implies is, if an agent is not added to this category for example billing, then the agent on login will not see any of the billing tickets in his view. 

Tip: If you do not want your agents to view these tickets but still create tickets on behalf of customers when required, enable the “Create tickets in unassociated categories” under ticket level permission for the role the agent is associated with. To know more, refer to this article 

  1. Description: Add a description of the category and what type of tickets should be moved to this bucket. 

  2. Email channel setup: For tickets to come in and replies to be sent out from tickets, categories need to be associated with an email channel for both incoming/outgoing or just outgoing. 

    1. Category with email channel: A category that has an email channel associated. Tickets come into this category through the email ID of the channel and use the same email ID to send out replies. 

    2. Category without any email channel: A category is created without any incoming mailbox. Tickets come into this category by either manually moving categories or through smart rules. For these categories where an incoming email ID is not present, you can choose to use email ID of an existing email channel or use the default outgoing email address under this email channel setup as shown below. 




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