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Customize System Email Notifications

System notifications are email alerts that your contacts/agents receive when certain system-related events happen on your help desk. These notifications are sent to the email address linked to your agent/contact's profile.

Applicable Plans: ✔️ Mighty ✔️ Fantastic ✔️ Enterprise ✔️ Enterprise Plus

What are the different System Notifications supported by HappyFox?

  • New SSO agent: When a new agent account is created from SSO. The notification will be sent to the account administrator.
  • New Google apps agent: When a new agent account is created from Google apps.
  • Forgot password - Contact: When forgot password is initiated by the contact.
  • Forgot password - Agent: When forgot password is initiated by the agent.
  • Agent account invites: When an agent account is created.
  • Agent email change verification: When an agent changes his/her email.
  • Contact registration verification: When a contact registers for an account.
  • Manual contact invite: When a contact is added by agent, and an account is created automatically for them.

Quick guide to set up System notifications:

Note: System notifications are ON by default - there is no separate toggle to disable system notification.
  • Log in to HappyFox as an agent.
  • Navigate to Manage >> Notifications >> System.
  • Under System Notifications, click on any individual notification to Edit. 
  • There is only one configurable template for system notifications.
  • You can use the rich text editor to customize the content for the email notification. Use "Merge Fields" for dynamic data population.
  • Click "Save".

Tip: Click "Reset to Default" link adjacent to system notification to reset the changes you've made to the corresponding system notification's template.
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