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Customize Agent Email Notifications
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Agent notifications are email alerts that your help desk agents receive when certain events happen on your help desk. These notifications are sent to the email address linked to your agent's profile.

Applicable Plans: ✔️ Mighty ✔️ Fantastic ✔️ Enterprise ✔️ Enterprise Plus

What are the different Agent Notifications supported by HappyFox?

  • Agent new ticket: This notification is used when a new ticket is created in any of the categories that the agent is a member of.
  • Agent new reply: This notification is used when a reply is appended in any of the tickets that the agent has replied to.
  • Agent assigned: This notification is used when an agent has been assigned a ticket.
  • Move ticket: This notification is used when a ticket is moved to another category.
  • Private note: When a private note alert is sent to the agent.
  • Merge ticket: This notification is used when a ticket is merged to another ticket.

Quick Guide to Setup Agent Notifications:

Warning ⚠️: The settings specified here are global-level settings for all agents in your help desk. Your agents can manually override the values for each of the above notifications for themselves. Click here to know more.
  • Login to your HappyFox Agent Portal.
  • Navigate to Manage >> Notifications from the module switcher.
  • You'll land inside Contacts tab by default. Switch to "Agents" tab.
  • Find the list of available notifications presented in a tabular fashion.
  • You can choose to enable/disable individual notifications in two ways:
    • Enable/Disable the notification globally across all categories.
    • Enable/Disable the notification for individual categories.

  • Click on the individual notifications to access the "Quick Manage Slider".
  • Quick Manage Slider:
    • Global toggle: The Global toggle is present in the top right of the slider, this is the overall active status toggle for the notification.
    • In Manage Notifications tab, each category present in your help desk is listed in a tabular fashion. You can perform category specific actions for respective notifications: 
      • Templates in use:
        • Use the dropdown to change the notification template in use for the category. Know more about Notification Templates here.
      • Individual Category Toggle:
        • Turning this ON/OFF enables/disables the notification for the category.

Customizing Agent Notifications at a per-agent level:

Tip ✳️: The settings specified here are specific to every agent. Changes made by one agent will not affect others.

Agents can choose to opt in/out of the above notifications and enable or disable notifications for specific categories.

  • Log in to HappyFox as an agent.
  • Go to Profile >> My Settings.
  • Switch to "Email Notifications Tab".
  • Choose to enable/disable the notification for you(agent), or choose to specify the categories for which you want the corresponding notification to be active.



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