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Edit notification email templates
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You can customize the email that is sent as a notification by modifying the email templates.

Plan: Available for all plans.

To edit the template,

  1. Navigate to Manage >> Notifications >> respective notifications tab

Note: Only agents with “Manage Notifications” permission can view this option.

  1. Click on the notification for which you wish to customize the template.

  2. For contacts and agents notifications referred to the template tab to view the list of templates present for each category (if any), for other notifications clicking on the notification names open the template edit tab.  

Agent notification


Knowledge base notifications

  1. Use the “Merge fields” to customise the email content.

  2. Merge fields are placeholders which gets replaced with actual value once the email is sent.

  1. Once you are done customising you can also choose to preview the email by clicking on the “Preview template” option.

  1. Click on “Save” to apply the templates changes made.

If you are using HappyFox Classic version, refer to the attached document.

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