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Enable Google Apps SSO for your HappyFox account
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With Google Apps Single Sign-On (SSO) integration,

  • Agents and Contacts can log in to HappyFox using their Google Apps credentials without the need for a dedicated HappyFox username and password.

  • For new agents, first login attempt will create new agent accounts that must subsequently be approved by a HappyFox admin.

You would need an existing Google Suite subscription to make this integration work.If you're looking for Google Plus SSO, refer to this article.


Multi-Brand Support:

If you have enabled Multi-brand support in your account, you can configure restrict specific google apps domains to work only with certain brands.

Available in all pricing plans.

How to enable Google Apps SSO?

  • Go to Apps >> Single Sign-on >> Google Apps.

  • Click Install.

  • Under Agent domains, provide the Google Apps domain(s) you would like to enable SSO for.

  • Under Contact domains, provide the Google Apps domain(s) you would like to enable SSO for. You can associate each domain to one or more multi-brands.

  •   If any domain is invalid, it will be highlighted with the appropriate error message.
  • Click Save. This enables the integration.


Google Apps SSO workflow for an Agent:



Google Apps SSO workflow for a Contact:

 To know how to set-up Google Apps SSO in HappyFox Classic, please refer to the document attached.

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HappyFox Classic _ Enable Integration with Google Single Sign On.pdf
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