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Setting up an app on Facebook - to enable Facebook option for Support Center Login
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This article outlines the steps involved in setting up an application on Facebook, and providing the necessary information in HappyFox, to enable the Facebook integration. This is required for displaying the facebook login option on Support Center, to allow customers login via Facebook.

Please note:

  • The administrator needs to have a Facebook account. An existing account will do. If not, a new account will have to be created.

Steps to be done:

1. Go to and log in to your account

2. Scroll down and you should see a link on the left side that says “More”. Click on that link.

3. Click “Developers”.

4. Now click on the “My Apps” link on the header.

5. If already not registered, click on “Register as a developer”.

6. Once registered, click on the “My Apps” link again and select “Add a New App”



7. Facebook will ask you to enter a Captcha. Enter it and click on "Continue".


8. Now a new Facebook app will be created and you will be redirected to the Dashboard page of the new Facebook app. Click on the “Settings” from the left side panel and select Basic. Enter the Email address in the “Contact Email”l field. On the "Display Name" field enter the name of the App. Make sure this is something that identifies with the brand of your company. This is what your customers will see when they try to log in to your support center through Facebook. Leave the field "App Namespace" empty. Choose a category for your app and click on the “Add Platform”.



9. Choose “Website” from the options.


10. In the Site URL text field, enter http://<your domain name>, where <your domain name> is the URL for your HappyFox account, like Now save the changes.



11. Click “App Review” from the left panel, and toggle it to yes.



12. Copy the “App Key” and the “App Secret” from the Settings. Paste the same in the Facebook Login setup page in your HappyFox account, under Manage >> Integrations >> Facebook Login. Activate Facebook login by checking the check box and save settings.



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