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How do I reset a password for an agent? print icon

Agents can change their password for security reasons or reset it if they forget it. HappyFox also gives you the flexibility to change/re-set other agents' passwords, if required.

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Change/Reset password for yourself:

Agents can either reset or change their agent portal password in two ways:

Forgot password option from login page:

  • From the login page, click on the “Forgot password”  link.
  • Provide agent’s login email ID and confirm.
  • This will trigger an email with a password reset link to the agent.
  • The agent can then follow the link in the email to reset the password.

Change password option from My Settings:

  • Post Log in to agent portal, click on the “My Settings” from the profile drop down.
  • From the “Basic Info” tab, click on “Change password” to initiate the password change process.
  • Provide your current and a new password and save to change your password.


Reset/change password for other agents:

As a Help Desk agent, you will be able to set the password for other agents or you can trigger a 'password reset' to allow the agent to set a password for oneself. 

🔐 Permission Alert: You would need "Manage Agents" and "Manage Agent Password" permissions enabled for your role to reset other agents' passwords.

You can reset passwords for other agents inside Manage >> Agents page. 

  • Go to Manage >> Agents.
  • Navigate to the desired agent details page.
  • Click "Change Password" on the top right.
  • Provide your agent password for security reasons and verify captcha (if prompted).

⚠️ Warning:  Regular agents cannot reset the password of the Account Administrator. Only the Account Administrator can change his/her password.

HappyFox provides three unique ways of changing/resetting other agents' password:

  • Send an email to the agent with a Password Reset Link:

Choosing this option sends an email with the password reset link to the corresponding agent's mailbox. Agents can then proceed to click the link present to change his/her password.

Reset Password link is valid for 48 hours ⌛️

  • Change the password for the agent manually:

Use this option if you want to directly specify the agent's password without having to go through the hassles of a password reset. Under the "Manual Reset Password "section, specify the password and click " Change password " to complete password change.  

  • Specify a "One-Time-Password" for the agent:

Use this option if you want to specify an OTP for the agent, only for the agent to change/modify his/her password post their next immediate login. Under the "Manual Reset Password" section, specify the password and check "Require a change of password during next login" checkbox


🔑 Security Note: HappyFox does not list changed passwords in e-mails as a security measure. You are advised to use your preferred secure channel to share such sensitive information.
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