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Restrict access to HappyFox based on agent IP
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HappyFox allows you to whitelist the IP addresses from which agents can access their accounts.


This feature is available on Enterprise and above pricing plans.

Note: Only Account Admins can manage the “IP restrictions” settings. Agents with “Manage security” will have access to read only view.


Create IP restrictions

  1. Navigate to Manage >> Security from the module switcher

Note: Only agents with “Manage Security” permission can view this option.

  1. Navigate to “IP Restrictions” tab and click on the “+” button next to the title.

  1. If this is your first IP address your are trying to add, your own IP address will be defaulted as shown below to avoid locking yourself out.

  1. Click on “Create IP Restrictions” to save the settings.

  2. You can also choose to add a range of IP address by switching the radio button. This reduces the manual work of entering all IP addresses which comes within a range.

If you are using HappyFox Classic version, refer to the attached document.

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