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Restrict Article Visibility to Contact Groups
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Using HappyFox's Contact Group visibility mode for Articles, organizations can restrict article visibility to specific groups of customers (Contact Groups). All the members of the associated contact group will be able to access these articles. Organizations might want to do this for specific reasons:

  • Show solution articles with information about a company to just contacts from that company.
  • Allow only your elite customers to read personalized articles with sensitive/secure information.
Applicable HappyFox Plans: ❌  Mighty  ❌ Fantastic ✔️ Enterprise ✔️ Enterprise Plus ✔️  Unlimited Agents plans


Create a Contact Group Article

  • Visit Knowledge base >> articles from the module switcher.
  • Click "+" to create a new article.
  • Enter the article title, content, and other related information.
  • Under the Article Visibility Dropdown, select "Contact Group-Specific".
  • Specify the list of contact groups who can access this article.
    • There is no restriction on the number of contact groups you can associate with an article.
  • Click "Publish as Contact Group Article" or save it as a draft.

Alternatively, you can also create contact group articles from the browse section.


Manage Contact Group Articles

Contact group articles are now listed under a new tab in Knowledge base >> articles. This acts as a single repository of all articles which are visible only by members of contact groups. Hovering over the contact groups column shows the contact groups associated with that article.



Configure Notifications for Contact Group Articles

Contacts, who are member of the contact groups can get notified about a new article or an update to existing article. To enable this feature, visit Manage >> Notifications >> Contact >> Contact Group Notifications. You can customize the notification template. To know more about notification templates, click here.



What does it look like in the Support Center?
After setting the article restriction, the articles will be restricted to the associated contact group in the contact portal. Contacts who are not part of the associated contact groups will not have access to these articles.

Section Details Page:

Article Details Page:



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I change an existing internal/external article to a contact group article?

A: Yes. To do this, simply edit an existing article and then change its visibility mode.


Q. Can I translate a contact group article? Are contact group articles multi-lingual?

A: No. At this moment, contact group articles cannot be translated. They will always remain in the primary language of your help desk.


Q. What happens if a URL of a contact group article is visited by a non-logged-in user?

A: The user will be redirected to the support center login page. Only after successful login and contact group validation, they will be able to access the article.


Q. Can we re-order contact group articles?

A. Yes. Contact group articles can be re-ordered, just like internal/external articles. The re-ordering is done at the section details slider. Click here to know more.




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