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How to change the order of articles in a Section?
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HappyFox Help Desk allows you to manually set the order of articles by changing their position within a section or a subsection. This way you can designate the order that the articles should be read. This feature works with the v2.0 edition of HappyFox Support Center.


To reorder articles in a section and/or subsection, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Click the Knowledge Base (KB) module.
  • Go to the Sections List page.
  • Click the Section you'd want to change the article order, this opens the section slider.
  • Under the "Internal",  "External Articles", "Contact Group Articles" block, click "Re-order" to re-order the articles.
  • You can specify a system-defined order, say alphabetical or have your own custom order.
  • For a custom order, click an article and drag it to another place in the order.
  • Click "Update order" for the changes to successfully take place.


Article Order Format:

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