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How to embed videos in a Knowledge Base article?
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While writing articles, you might want to add a video to better explain your content. HappyFox Agents can embed videos in the body of your Knowledge Base articles. Videos must be hosted on a third-party video hosting service like Youtube, Vimeo etc.

Step 1: Get the embed HTML code of the video from your preferred video host.

Example: Getting embed HTML code for a Youtube Video:

Step 2: Go to Knowledge Base >> Articles, edit an existing article or create a new article.

Step 3: In the Article Editing page's Rich Text editor, click "Source". This takes you to the Source mode. Paste the HTML embed snippet at the appropriate location. Click Source to go back to the Rich Text Editing mode. You should find your video embedded at the location you've specified.

Step 4: When you are ready, furnish other article information such as visibility and click Publish Article.

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