Create Knowledge Base Content

HappyFox lets you create an organized database of official documentation with images, videos and file attachments to help your customers have a better understanding of your product or service.

To see the list of articles or topics in your knowledge base, login to your account and navigate to Articles under the Knowledge Base tab.

To add a new Section, click the “New Section” button.

Add section name, parent section (if you want to create a sub-section) and a brief description about the section. Also choose the categories you would want to associate the section with and click Create Section button below.

1. To add a new article, click the + symbol near “Add New Article” or the “New Article” button.

2. Specify the title of the article and type in the content. Enhance your presentation using the rich text editor.

3. Assign it to the relevant section by choosing from the dropdown box.

4. Choose whether you want the article to be visible to your help desk staff members only or if it should be made available to your customers as well.

5. To attach supporting documents such as a video or an image, click “Attach File” and upload the necessary files.

6. You can also add tags for every KB article to improve search discoverability. 

7. Once you are done, click “Publish Article” to create a new article. The article will be added to the knowledge base.


Alternately, "New Sections" and "New Articles" can be created by clicking Add Content and Add Article buttons under the Browse tab. Edit or Delete options for both sections and articles are available on the side panel as highlighted.


Who can access this feature?

To add, update or edit the KB sections and articles the staff require Managerial Permissions enabled to “Add & Edit KB sections and articles”.

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  • 03-Oct-2018