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Working with Article Drafts
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When you create an article draft, it is saved but not published, so that you can continue improvising the content until it's all set to publish. Articles once published cannot be unpublished and moved back to draft state. Draft articles do not form a part of the KB >> browse, and hence are different from Internal Articles.

Applicable Plans: ✔️ Mighty ✔️ Fantastic ✔️ Enterprise ✔️Enterprise Plus

Permission Alert 🔐: You would need "Manage Knowledge Base Sections and Articles" permission to create/manage drafts. If you do not have the permission, you will have read-only access to drafts.

Creating an article draft

  • Navigate to Knowledge Base >> Articles from the module switcher.
  • Click "+" adjacent to External articles to create an article.
  • Enter the initial, first draft content of your desired knowledge base article.
  • Specify the title, slug text, section, and visibility for the article.
  • Click "Save as Draft' button in the bottom left.
  • Draft articles have "Article State" marked as "Draft" in article details page.

Editing an existing article draft: 

  • To edit an existing article draft, navigate to Knowledge Base >> Articles >> Drafts (Tab)
  • View the list of drafts created by different agents in your help desk.
  • Click on individual article drafts to open the article details page.
  • Click "Edit" to edit the draft.
  • Click "Save as draft" to save your current changes made to the drafted article.

Publishing an existing article draft: 

  • Go to the draft article you want to publish, then click Edit.
  • Verify the article content and other parameters such as article section etc.
  • Choose to publish the article as "Internal" or "External" by clicking the "Publish as External/Internal article" respectively.
  • Your article is now live - either as an external or internal article!

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