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Category advanced settings explained.
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Category signature

If you wish to add a standard company signature across all the replies sent out apart from the agent signature, you can use this setting. 

Note: Category signature added here will be appended in the email only if the notification template has the {{category_signature|| merge field added to it. To know more about notification templates customization, refer to this article


Ticket reply settings 

  1. Cc recipients while adding an update: Defines how would you like to auto-populate the cc recipients of a ticket when the conversations include cc recipients added by both agents and contacts. Whom do you want to drop and whom do you want to carry forward and notify the updates. For more information on the options within this, please refer to this article

  2. Update ticket subject when ticket subject is changed by contact or agent via email: Set this value to “No” if your ticket threading option relies on ticket IDs present in the subject line. 

Tip: To know more about your ticket threading option, refer to this article

  1. Allow adding update on a ticket which is overdue?: Set the value to “No” if you do not want any of your agents to add an update on an overdue ticket. 



Time tracking

Adding time spent should be mandatory?: Set the value to “Yes” if you want agents to always log the time spent on the ticket before closing it. 

Enable autofill time spent?: Set the value to “Yes” if you want the timer to auto-start once an agent opens the reply area. On sending out the reply, the time calculated by the timer will automatically be added to the “Time spent” field, 


Reopen behavior

Behavior when a ticket in completed status is updated by customers:

  1. Do Nothing: keeps the ticket closed, but just add the new update.

  2. Reopen ticket: Reopens the ticket on customer reply. 

    1. Reopen ticket to status: The status to which the ticket will be reopened. 

    2. Reopen ticket within: if you don't want to reopen old tickets that your customers reply to now, but instead create new follow up tickets. You can specify the maximum number of days from closure, before which if a customer responds, the ticket will be reopened. Leaving this empty will always reopen the closed ticket when a customer adds an update on it.

  3. Create new ticket: Creates a new ticket every time a user responds to a ticket that is in completed status behavior.



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